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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 11, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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lawmakers tried to dismantl the healthcare overhaul. the supreme court determined it was a tax. they saw it as a way to keep americans from forking over are more of that i pay checks to the government. >> i think this is an opportunity to save our economy and for those who still support repealing this harmful healthcare law we are giving your colleagues in the senate another chance to heed the will of the american people. >> repealing the affordable care act is wrong. it was wrong the first time. it is wrong the 31st time. welcome to groundhog day in the house of representatives. >> of course, today's vote was really no more than an exercise in political theater no question about it. in the end there is no chance at all of this repeal getting through the democratically controlled senate. we have team fox coverage tonight. carl cameron covering the election year politics of all of this. first, mike emanuel live on
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capitol hill. the senate minority leader is promising to try to get colleagues to vote on this. >> offered to file an amendment to get a vote on appeal in the senate. mcconnell saying if the republicans run the senate it will be the first order of business so republicans are offering reminders like this one to the american people. >> we should repeal it. we should replace it. and here is the good news. the voters get the last word in november. stay tuned. >> now, other top republicans are saying tonight this is a policy issue. tomorrow it becomes a political one and that those that opposed repeal will be held accountable. >> shepard: there is the possibility, mike and i think some up on capitol hill are acknowledging it that this could backfire on the republicans. >> reporter: that's right. some democrats have argued it may hurt with independent voters. others say this does not have much to do with creating jobs
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or improving our economy. and then there are those democrats who say where is the republican health alternative. >> i hold in my left-hand a copy of the affordable care act. i hold from my right-hand the replacement bill that my colleagues across the aisle have been talking about. i shall now read the replacement bill in its entirety. that is the replacement bill. >> so the democrats are saying where is the replacement. the true impact of today's vote will not be known for sure until after the election. >> shepard: mike thanks very much. the former massachusetts governor mitt romney says if you want to repeal the healthcare overhaul vote for him but he happened to be speaking to the naacp national convention in houston and that did not go over well at all. >> i'm going to eliminate every nonessential expensive program
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i can find. that includes the obama care and i'm going to work to reform and save -- >> shepard: and the boo birds came out. president obama's campaign romneyack that governor romney with "put insurance companies back in charge." campaign carl cameron live in washington to continue team fox coverage. the governor did get some applause today, right, carl? >> a fair amount of applause, polite. he acknowledged that the naacp disagrees with him on a variety of issues but said if they can look past the president's partisan attacks and distractions they will see he said that he has the better choice for job creation. >> they say we are running for office to help the rich. nonsense. the rich will do just fine whether i'm elected or not.
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the president wants to make this campaign about blaming rich and i want to make it a campaign about helping the middle class in america. >> reporter: there is a little bit of applause for you. the naacp board member who invited romney reportedly said afterwards it insensitive and demenning for him to mention there was higher black unemployment in the country than the national average. president obama will not address the group this year. vice president biden is going instead to address them directly. >> shepard: how did governor romney respond to all the booing, carl? yes. >> started out by saying he was fully aware that black voters are 95% democratic voters and afterwards he would have expected there would have been some ruling. the booing for the obama care remark was 15 seconds long. there was a chaimer with of commerce survey that surged small businesses are not growing because of obama care.
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>> three quarters said it makes them less likely to hire people. if our priority is jobs and that is my priority, that is something i would change. >> he would repeal obama care. he took the boos and stood by his pledge to repeal it. >> shepard: carl, thanks. the white house says it is taking new steps to help small businesses. speeding up payments to government contractors. making it easier for banks to lend to small businesses and raising the maximum loan amount to $350,000. and cutting down on paperwork for businesses applying for government loans to recover from disasters. the u.s. economy is not out of the woods. is clear and this is what the federal reserve officials said today during an important policy meeting. the meeting actually happened last month and the feds just rehe leased the minutes from the meeting today so we are just learning about it. according to the report, policymakers seem to agree on when to take action to prevent the economy from falling off a
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cliff. of course, the action could include more stimulus spending and seems traders on wall street were not happy that the fed failed to reach a consensus. stocks sank for the fifth straight session. the dow dropped 49. the nasdaq 14. s&p 500 less than a point. passengers aboard an american airlines flight say they were concerned and in fact convinced they were going to die when severe turbulence hit their jet. you will hear from those onboard and from a little boy who says he was all alone in the restroom when the plane just started getting after it. from the journalists of fox news this is a wednesday "fox report." [ female announcer ] r kids are getting a dependable clean in the bathroom? [ gasps ] think again.
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>> shepard: the only abortion clinic in the entire state of mississippi can stay open at least for now, the ruling from a federal judge. the clinic in jackson the state capital is challenging a new state law that could shut it down for good.
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the law requires abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at a local hospital. supporters say they are are trying to protect patients but the clinic owner says women can go to the emergency room if anything goes wrong. oh oh mint say it is uncon -- opponents say it is unconstitutional because it is aimed at just shutting down the clinic. for now the clinic rehe mains open. 15 terrifying seconds when passengers say they thought they were going to die. they are talking about the turbulence that injured a dozen people. the american airlines flight was headed from aruba to miami last night. officials say it hit rough air off the coast of florida. right as the plane tried to fly around the rain on the radar there, happened in a 757 like this one. witnesses say it tossed people from their seat and slammed them into the ceiling and rattled them. passengers described a scene of complete panic.
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listen. >> everybody is screaming and people jumping up and down. >> we thought we were going to die. we were going to die. we thought we were going to die. it was scary. >> the whole thing lasted just 15 seconds but plenty long to place three people in the hospital. it is almost fortunate that it happened when it did, right, trace? >> because the seatbelt sign was on at time. they were 30 minutes outside of miami so just making the initial descent which is about the time that you have the flight attendants walking doing the final checks. that is also about the time that people are kind of getting up to go to the bathroom one last time and there are people at that time that have not yet buckled their seatbelts. near are two of them. listen -- here are two of them. listen. >> i never felt something like that in the past. basically with the noise and the bumps you just think it's
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going to come down. >> i was in the bathroom so when i closed the door the plane started jumping around and i hit myself in the knee. >> you mentioned shep that three people were taken to the hospital. several others were treated for minor injuries right there at the gate when the plane got in. >> shepard: trace, often when you hear while flying you hear from the pilot we have been radioed by another plane there is turbulence in the air. there is no warning that the time? >> there were no signs this of and they get weather updates. what you mentioned there the pilots will often radio other pilots and and that is a big indicator in this case there was no warning so this might have been a case of clear air turbulence or cat when you have air going at different are speeds and they collide. and just like after a crash the ntsb will look into this.
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listen. >> there will probably be a good thorough study of what happened and what the pilots were seeing at the time and what the reports were at the time and why didn't any other pie out lo lot en-- pilot encounter this as well. >> it there have been fatalities onboard flights because of clear air turbulence but there is no record of it ever bringing down a passenger jet. >> shepard: thanks a lot. we have seen rainbows but have you you ever seen bun looking down. a nasa satellite giving us a look at a special kind of rainbow called a glory. it is formed when water drop lets in cloud scatter light back towards the sun. this is scattered more than 400 miles above earth and the big land mass is mexico's baha peninsula. lawmakers in one city claim they were duped into going broke. tonight the bizarre story of
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fake budgets. story has a third california city filing for bankruptcy in just a couple of weeks. and later the mother of a disabled teenager tells police she could not take it any more. so cops say she abandoned her daughter in this bar. ahead, why the mom is facing no criminal charges at all. [ male announcer ] before you take it on your road trip... we take it on ours. this summer put your family in an exceptionally engineered mercedes-benz now for an exceptional price during the summer event. but hurry, this offer ends july 31st.
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>> shepard: another city in california is going broke. this is the third one in three weeks to file for bankruptcy there. it comes as cities across our country struggle to pay their bills. the latest, san bernardino. about an hour east of los angeles. the city council in san bernardino voted last night to declare bankruptcy with the city manager recording san bernardino is more than $45 million in the red. it is now the second largest united states city ever to go
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belly up. the largest stockton which filed for bankruptcy just a short time ago along with much smaller mammoth lakes. san bernardino troubles started during the housing market crash but now there are claims that past administrations cooked the city's books for more than a decade. claudia cowen with the news in the bay area newsroom this afternoon. and i understand this is really blindsided a lot of people. >> even though the city's financial tailspin was years in the making last night's city council vote caught many people off-guard. san bernardino is so break it may not be able to make payroll this summer. this amid allegations by the city attorney that budget oil fibs falsified documents to mask the losss. >> it has been run 13 years we have been lied to. wow. >> they had no choice but to vote the way they did and the reorganization will probably help, you know. they have no other avenue.
7:19 pm
>> by law, cities must go through a mediation process before declaring bankruptcy. stockton did that. but san bernardino will try to make the case its severe cash flow problems should make it exempt. >> shepard: tack us back to the root cause of all this. >> city officials point the finger at rising payrolls and escalating pension costs and depleted reserves compounded by the recession. here in california the state cut its funding for cities and counties. meantime, higher salaries and more spending has led to more borrowing. cities that didn't find ways to manage their budgets now face a perfect storm, soaring costs no, way to pay and bankruptcy only their only option to get out from under. >> shepard: claudia, thank you. british lawmakers are set to grill the former executive at center of the huge international banking scandal at bar clays. a pathe top bank executives std
7:20 pm
down earlier this month after barclays officials admitted managers at the firm lied about the interest rates they pay to borrow money from other banks. rates that ultimately affect the interest rates we all pay on loans. in testimony last week the former chief eck eastboundtive blamed the former ceo for misunderstanding a memo leading to the false reports. the british and u.s. governments fined that bank more than $450 million. cops in tennessee say they will not charge a mother who admits she abandoned her severely disabled daughter in a bar. the mother is from illinois but police say she told them she drove her 19-year-old daugher to tennessee last month and left her there alone in that bar no i.d. and no extra clothes, nothing. cops say the teenager has trouble seeing and can't say her own name or own address and
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the mother said she couldn't handle her daughter any more. the police chief says that the cops will not charge the mom because her daughter is over the age a of 18 and the mother is not legally her guardian. fbi divers have raised the yacht that tipped over off long island. three children died when the yacht went down on the fourth of july. today, divers attached air bags to the 34-foot boat and brought it to the surface. 27 people were on the thing when it overturned. investigators say they are still trying to figure out whether the boat was definitely overcrowded and whether there were enough life jackets on board in the first place. lawmakers raised the stakes in the investigation of national security leaks. now, they are talking about sending subpoenas to the white house. emergency what that would do. we -- imagine what that would do. live in d.c. with the details. plus a warning about a united nations claim that cracked down on illegal weapons and what it might mean for gun owners here in the united states.
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then there is the guy who shut down part of a major american city so he could go for a little joyride. we will give you the who, what, when, where and why of this as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news as fox reports live tonight. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> shepard: just in for you now. all day long constituents and colleagues of representative jesse jackson, jr. were calling for him to reveal more about his health problems and his
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whereabouts. nobody has really known where he was or not many people for the last two weeks. two weeks ago his office issued a statement saying jackson had taken a leave of absence and was being treated for exhaustion. we have just got and statement from his office and i will read it to you now. information regarding the congressman's treatment is protected by federal law under the private cipro visions of the health insurance portability and accountable act, the hppa law. the name of the attending physician and treatment center will not be disclosed to protect his continuing privacy. his physician makes the following statement. the congressman is receiving intensive medical treatment at a residential treatment facility for a mood disorder. a mood disorder. he is responding positively to treatment and is expected to make a full recovery. well, there you go. in addition the rumors about him being treated for alcohol and substance abuse are not true according to his doctor.
7:27 pm
and that continues the quote. jesse jackson, jr. in a residential treatment facility according to the statement from his office and we are led to believe from his doctor he is being treated for a mood disorder. shepherd, what does that mean? well, i don't know. police are searching for a man who stole a puppy worth several thousand dollars from a pet shop and that tops our news across america. connecticut. cops say the suspect tried to buy the english bull dog with a stolen credit card as a young boy stood at his side. suspicious employees phoned the credit card company and guy made a run for it. he push youd the boy out of the store and followed him with the dog under his arm. the get away car was also stolen. $500 reward for the pup's safe return. a hot air balloon with five
7:28 pm
people onboard crashed in a cotton field outside phoenix. witnesses say winds dragged the balloon's basket roughly 100 feet across the ground. nobody hurt. new jersey. dozens of residents are now homeless after a nine alarm fire at an apartment complex. it reportedly started on the second floor and destroyed more than 50 units. crews battled flames for are several hours. no word of anybody hurt. michigan. thousands of kids celebrated the 25th annual mud day at a park near detroit. officials brought in 200-tons of top soil and mixed it with 20,000-gallons of 2004 create the mess. after the fun, firefighters hosed everybody off. and this is a fox watch across america.
7:29 pm
i'the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. word of a new crack in the syrian government. according to the reuters news agency syria's ambassador to iraq defected claiming that he joined the revolution. we can't confirm this but it would be the first syrian senior diplomat to defect since all of this began. just last week the pentagon celebrated the defection of a syrian military general. and dozens of other members are syria's military also reportedly defected. but that has not stopped the bloodshed. far from it. opposition groups report 17,000 men women and children killed since march of last year. the number of attempts at a peace deal failed one after another. the u.n. security council gathered again today to discuss another attempt at political transition. jonathan hunt live at the united nations this evening and
7:30 pm
the special envoy to syria kofi annan today admitted he has failed. >> a former u.n. secretary general didn't want to use the fward himself but after months of saying give the peace plan a chance, give the peace plan a chance. he did actually admit in a briefing to the security council today it clearly has not worked. listen. >> we had not been success. so far. we have so far not succeeded in ending the violence and moving forward and there are still the fights today and i urge you will governments to work together to work together to press the parties. >> so now there are two competing resolutions being drafted for the security council to look at. a russian one that other western nations say is completely toothless, fairly pointless. a british and u.s.-backed one that the russians will not agree to under pretty much any
7:31 pm
circumstances. so tonight, shep, this is still very much the disunited nations. >> and now kofi annan is reduced to asking, of all nations, iran to help. >> now, he says he has another 6 point peace plan and went to iran just recently and talked to the regime there and came back and is now telling other nations including the united states that iran has a significant "role to play." that sort of idea got very short shrift from the u.s. ambassador to the u.n., susan rice. listen. >> iran is definitely part of the problem in syria. it is supporting aiding and abing the assad regime and has shown no readiness to contribute co constructively. >> bottom line here at the u.n. up the diplomats continue to fiddle while syria burns.
7:32 pm
>> shepard: jonathan hunt at the united nations. the u.n. is loose working on a new global weapons treaty. critics stay could let foreign governments get records of u.s. gun owners. supporters stay would help stop gun violence but opponents including the national rifle association say the new deal could get the united nations act as a global nanny determine hog can and cannot own a gun. iran has a key role in the talks. remember just weeks ago the united nations a accused the iranians of shipping arms to the syrian government. talks are expected to continue through the end of the month. >> the last time a secretary of state visited laos somebody had to clear a water buffalo off the tarmac so the plane could land. that was 1955. today for the first time since a u.s. secretary of state paid an official visit to the nation. secretary clinton is on a week
7:33 pm
long tour of southeast asia partially to push back against china's dominance in the region. in the '60s and '70s, the united states dropped more than two million pounds of bombs on laos. today, secretary of state clinton promised to help the government of laso find the millions of bombs scattered all over the country. bombs that still kill people every year. a showdown could be in the works between the white house and u.s. congress. the lawmakers say subpoena some of president obama's top advisors in an effort to find out who is behind the national security leaks. the president called it offensive and even wrong to suggest that the white house would even purposely reveal classified information. today a house committee held a hearing and staffers say it took an unexpected turn.
7:34 pm
catherine herridge in washington. what happened? >> is started when john conyers challenged republican colleagues to publicly identify sources of the alleged leaks. >> we have can our own investigative capacity. why don't we inquire ourselves. >> the republican chair of the committee lamar smith called conyers bluff saying he would take him up on the offer immediately as conyers tried to jump back in a second republican kick the subpoena ball further down the field saying the committee should start with the president's inner circumstance. >> how about all the people in the situation room. >> just a few minute guys fox confirmed that chairman smith has writ ton congressman conyers saying that he wants to finalize this thing and come up with a list of names for the is subpoena, shep. >> shepard: for the first time we are hearing from one of the u.s. attorneys actually investigating the leaks, right? >> one of two u.s. attorneys on
7:35 pm
the leak cases at a news conference on another topic nation was asked, number one for a status report on the case and number two whether he is too close to the attorney general to be objective. >> i can tell you we are working very hard and that is the only comment i can make. >> you can't talk about criticism that you may not be -- >> i'm not going to respond to that. >> a reminder back in june when the u.s. attorneys were appointed the justice department said they have the authority to follow the investigative leads even to the executive branch. a billion famous musi philt may have been living in a house for a week with his wife's remains. cops arrested the husband on drug charges on monday and then found the wife's body during a search of the home. is no word on what killed the 48-year-old u.s. native or whether there was any foul play. they had a history of drug problems.
7:36 pm
they met in rehab and she once got caught trying to smuggle crack and heroin into the u.s. embassy in london. his family made a fortune manufacturing laminated drink containers and the couple gave millions upon millions of dollars to charity over the years cash officials say the husband is getting treatment at a hospital in london and is still under arrest. updates as we get them. a train hauling chemicals went right off the rails in one state's capital and sparked a huge explosion in the middle of the night. plus, 20 million people just lost spongebob, jon stewart and snooki. just to name a few of the casualties when directtv and i viacom fight. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8.
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>> shepard: one witness says this was like the sun had exploded. a huge fireball lit up the sky in ohio after a train carrying chemicals jumped the track.
7:40 pm
another witness caught the blast on video. look at this. [ bleep ] this happened around 2:00 in the morning in columbus. crews ordered folks out of their homes in the middle of the night, evacuating around 100 people within a mile of the blast. railway officials say more than ten cars derailed. some of them with the highly flammable alcohol in it. now, investigators say they are trying to figure out how it happened. mike tobin live in the midwest newsroom this evening. crews have been dealing with this all day long. what is the situation there now? >> the fire is contained now. you may be able to see it still smoldering in the most recent video. what burned. matily was 90,000-gallons of ethanol or alcohol. it does not produce a toxic cloud. it produces a lot of fire and a lot of grain -- a load of grain and corn syrup burned. this the freight train was a
7:41 pm
load of styrene and that can prohe deuce a nerve agent. but it never derailed and was hauled away from the fire so it never caught fire. federal investigators are on the scene. it is possible that hot rails may be to blame. >> shepard: dangerous stuff in there and i guess this is relatively common that toxic matter goes across the country through people's neighborhoods. >> it is frequent. toxic material can be rolling through your town and the only way any one would know about it is if there is a problem. they said disclosing information about the transportation of hazardous materials could create a national security risk by creating a target. so they won't know anything about hazardous materials until accidents like that one. the captain of the cruiseship that crashed into the rocks off the italy says a phone call distracted him and he says destiny played a role in the collision.
7:42 pm
the captain faces charges including manslaughter for his role in the disaster. more than 30 people died when the ship hit the rocks and eventually tipped over. he said he only left the ship after the collision because he tripped and fell into a life boat. in a new interview on italian television. the captain says a phone call drew his attention before the collision and he tossed some blame on to the shoulders of another officer who he says was in charge at the time. he did say he was sorry kind of for the disaster. don't call it a comeback but italy's prime minister silvio is considering a run for his old job in next year's elections. he resigned last year in the height of the italy financial crisis. a political ally says supporters are rattling around to try to get him back into politics. he thinks the prime minister will try to get his name on the ballot but he is still on trial. prosecutors say the former
7:43 pm
prime minister paid for sex with this moroccan dancer. during one of his so called bunga-bunga sex parties. the lawyers say she was underage at the time. he denies that he did anything wrong. north korea's unauthorized use of american icons apparently did not start with disney characters. they ran video of a concert for kim jong ung in which they played a ren kicks of songs from rocky and featured pictures of the italian stallion. the band also played my way. this was reportedly from the same concert that featured unauthorized disney character. the u.s. state department called and north korea to respect international property
7:44 pm
rights. kim junge ung took over the so called hermit kingdom after his father kim jong il died last december. how would you like to drive as fast as you want through the streets of a major city? one guy did it and we have the video. san francisco it is. the man behind the wheel there is a professional rally car driver. the folks who organized this run got san francisco to close down parts of the city to record the video. it is all part of a growing motor sport called gymkhana. that car we are told is specially designed for this with 600-horsepower under the hood and the ability to go from zero to 60 in less than 2 seconds. wow. it could soon be legal for teenagers in one city to vote in elections before they turn 18 years old. we will show you where.
7:45 pm
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>> shepard: a kind of television blackout for 20 million people across the country. directv subscribers lost access to more than a dozen channels, nickelodeon, mtv, comedy central and othe others. it is because of a contract dispute over how much directv should have to pay for what viacom has to offer. each company blames the other for the shutdown. they are still working to reach some sort of agreement.
7:49 pm
a group of young people in massachusetts say they want the voting age lowered from 18 to 17 and their proposal is gaining traction in the state house. if it becomes law 17-year-olds in louwell massachusetts just outside boston could vote in city elections. supporters say this could boost voter turnout and a perhaps get more teens interested in local politics. some lawmakers initially questioned whether the vote 17 plan as they call it was completely constitutional. molly line is live in boston this jean. evening. can't the kids wait one more year? >> they want to be involved in the democratic process now. geithnering people to the polls is tough and the kids want to have a voice in the local government, particularly in the school board and budgeting and what happens at the schools and if they can't get the voice they are fighting for the next generation. they want to be able to pass this down to the next group of seniors and create a legacy of
7:50 pm
civic involvement. >> this is something that we want to do and something that would be beneficial for us to start now. it is kind of to start off the whole civic habit thing because voting is habitual. squash the whole culture of disengaugement and say this is something we want now. >> they have been at it for two years new trying to get this done. the secretary of state office had constitutio con citial con. now, it has to get through the house and senate and be signed by the governor and go back to lowelled for a city wide referendum. >> what are the lawmakers saying about the kids efforts? >> they are getting a lot of support locally in lowell from the lawmakers there. one of the senators, eileen donahue praises the tune agers wanting to do something that a lot of people take for grant. >> for a number of years many of us bemoaned the fact that
7:51 pm
many of us don't come out to vote so it was really refreshing to have young people saying let us vote. >> just to give you an idea, about 45% of people 18 to 24 are registered to vote and in the 2010 mid terms only about 21% of those registered voters showed up to cast their ballot. >> shepard: molly line in boston. thanks. now, the bench clearing brawl at the women's professional football game. coach evers and players say the two rival clubs talked trash all night but that the big fight broke out after a late game interception. it got to violent the police stepped in to break it all up. the defensive player on the winning team says all she remembers is somebody ripping huffary helmet and attacking h her. >> a large amount of the girls came over. i hat cleat marks on my back. >> threw her on the ground and started beating her on the sideline and then the entire sideline was right there and start kicking her.
7:52 pm
>> the woman says she plans to press charges against the player who started it all. who knew they had women's professional football. i didn't even know. >> an r rating in hollywood typically means a movie is filled with foul language and violence. how about adding smoking to the list? next, why some say lighting up is beyond pg 13. good grief. whoa. right? get. out. exactly! really?! [ mom ] what? shut the front door. right? woop-woop! franklin delano! [ male announcer ] hey! there's oreo creme under that fudge! oreo fudge cremes. indescribably good. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey, 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast. visit today for a special trial offer. if we took the nissan altima and reimagined nearly everything in it?
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it helps to have an interior full of hand-selected wood trim and soft premium leather... and it doesn't hurt to have a selec-terrain dial that truly performs. ♪ >> shepard: movies that show actors smoking should automatically get an r rating according to researchers who say it would curb under age smoking use. their solution, slap the films with an. rating which is supposed to restrict kids from under 17 from entering theaters without a parent. the study's lead author claims it could cut down on the number of adolescent smokers by nearly
7:56 pm
20%. researchers say they created a new language based on the comedy central star steven colbert. he coined the term truthiness. the researches at northwestern invented a whole bunch of other words for the colbert language and say they did it to test whether knowing multiple tongues makes it easier to learn another one. they say they found bilingual people learn the colbert language more quickly. top five things was day. number five, the president of florida a and m university says he will resign. penn state set to release the results of its investigation into whether the late coach jo paterno or others tried to cover up records that jerry sandusky was molesting children. investigators trying to figure out what caused this
7:57 pm
train to derail in ohio. republicans in the house voted to repeal the healthcare law. it has zero chance of getting to the senate. and number one, staffers for congressman jesse jackson, jr. say he is getting intensive medical treatment for a "mood disorder." this comes after a leading democrat today urged the lawmakers to let constituents know more about why he went on mid cal leave. mood disorders include different types of depression. staffers did not provide details about the congressman's condition. that is the fox report top five. on this day in 1921 former president william howard taft became the 10th chief justice of the united states supreme court. set only man ever to serve as the head of two branches of the federal government. according to historians he hated politics and called his time on the bench his greater honor. even writing that he didn't remember being president.
7:58 pm
william howard taft served on the supreme court until his death. he became the chief justice 91 years guy today. and now you know the news for this wednesday, july 11, 2012. for the journalists at fox news i'm shepard smith. thanks for having us into your home tonight. back tomorrow for studio b. and thanks to kansas city. what a great, great time that captioned by closed captioning services, inc. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> if you want a president who will make things better in the african american community you are looking at him. >> mitt romney proving he is a brave man. speaking today before the naacp in houston. we will tell you why the governor did it and analyze whether his presentation was a smart thing to do. >> two gang bangers. one standing next to her kid. get away from the kid. >> chicago killers are not listening to mayor rahm
7:59 pm
emanuel. the windy city is descending into violent chaos. we'll have a follow-up report. also tonight, jimmy j.j. walker. >> hello there, mama. >> and dennis miller on a 6-year-old kid starring in this video. >> the world is upside down. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for joining us tonight. 2008, 95% of o african american voters supported barack obama but mitt romney thinks he can do better in the precincts. right now the black unemployment rate


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